Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take the Gloves Off Republicans

I am calling on all Republicans, conservatives, moderates and like-minded people to demand the Republican strategy change for the better.

It is time we start proactively governing, stop making apologies and to start treating the Democrats as they are : lying, psychotic hypocrites who are dangerously steering our country towards complicity and ruin.

Writing your local and national representatives is just one of the many steps we can take. Writing the few right-leaning media outlets is another. I do not condone pulling donations to Republicans, nor do I condone bastardizing our party through silence.

We are faced with one of the most daunting and troubling times in the history of our country. And it starts at home.

President Bush is "under assault" from the left and due to his lame duck status - is being left to swing in the wind. As the 2008 elections are nearing - it is clear elected Reps, in fear of losing another Congressional election, are apathetic to what has occurred since day 1 of President Bush being elected and refuse to vocally and publicly make a stand. In fact, the fringed left will tell you - he wasn't "really" elected. Primarily due to not understanding the Electoral College, but also due to their hatred and disdain for the man himself and the entire Republican party's ideology.

Payback for Clinton's impeachment is paramount to the left. Though again, many fringe left will argue he never was impeached by the House - due again to their ignorance of what impeachment actually means.

Scooter Libby is the "fall guy and scape goat" for Bush, Cheney and Rove. Those aren't my words, they are from the head juror in the case itself. Which we all know has nothing to do with Plame's bogus claim of outing, but instead - the case Fitzgerald wasted millions on - is about Libby's "bad memory" aka perjury. Yet, the ability for those who knew her status and discussed her openly - Novak, Isikoff, Woodward and others - to "forget" is just a-ok. Regardless of the fact each one of these folks "outed" Plame before Libby even knew who she was and what her connection was to Joe Wilson.

The firing of 8 U.S. attorneys is the new red herring of the month. The Constitution provides the President the ability to hire and fire whatever person he deems fit, based on party, ideology and or performance. Like Clinton's firing of 93 U.S. attorney's. He had the right, the mandate and the green light to do it, no one questions that. But we should be questioning why Bush's actions are any different. Semantics appear to be the partisan led "smoking gun". Dems will tell you the difference is - Clinton did it all at once, in 1993 upon taking office, past Presidents have done it and Bush is really "guilty", because he replaced his own appointees. Well, its clear accountability falls on deaf Dem ears. In other words - they are making the point his partisan (legal) firings are bad because the attorneys were appointed by him and he doesn't have the ability to assess their jobs. So folks, if you are a business owner or manager - you must rely on your competitor to hire and fire your own employees. The Democratic logic is amazing.

I have written extensively on the pork expenditure hypocrisy of the left, led by the moral compass - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Several media outlets have posted articles on the expenditures, but with more of a "hmmm, thats odd" approach - without really going for the proverbial juggler. She and the Dem's are getting a pass from everyone - namely Republicans themselves and the Democratic mouthpieces are in overdrive to tell you , this bill is more about "emergency funding", not the war and more audaciously - the $24 billion in pork was necessary. I want one Democrat, not from California, to tell me why it is necessary to reward spinach farmers with $25 million due to E Coli contamination where 4 people died and over 200 were sickened. And I would like to know why the Congressional Research Services - who report expenditures to Congress, has been suspended until Sept 2008.

Not only are Ms Pelosi and the Democrats liars and hypocrites, but they are also completely unaccountable. Instead of a free pass and inane "investigations" led by the Dem controlled Congress - why aren't Republicans flooding the airwaves, blogs, newspapers and sky-writing this blatant abuse of power? Most likely due to the 2008 elections and their very existence. But we as citizens aren't afraid of not being reelected, nor are we concerned with politics as usual. No, we are the ones who die and get sick. We are the ones who represent the military with our blood and lives. We are American citizens.

Lets start acting like it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

House Passes Pork and Tainted Spinach Bill

Of course supporting Democrats and left leaning outlets are focusing on the timetable angle for troops exiting Iraq - yet few are mentioning the pork associated - namely $25 million for E Coli spinach farmers from California to recoup their losses.

And just over an hour ago - additional reports and information have traced the source, once again - to a specific California grower found here:,8599,1602390,00.html?xid=rss-nation

For those not familiar with the E Coli issue, though over 5 outbreaks occurred last year alone that actually made the news - the FDA asks for "voluntary" food safety measures to be put into place , not mandatory concerning vegetables. I won't even go into the gory details of how unaccountable the meat industry is, who also do not have mandatory laws for point of origin producer's.

But as I mentioned in yesterday's post - California farmers will be rewarded with up to $25 million to recoup their losses. I am no lawyer - but isn't that the exact opposite of what we would expect from our elected officials? To actually hold them accountable for the safety of our food supply?

Rep. Sam Farr (D - Cal) is another culprit in the tainted spinach farmer "lotto". He represents one of the largest food producing regions in California, known as the "salad bowl" and was interviewed earlier by one of the few media outlets willing to uncover the pork laden bill - CNN's Joe John's, in a video found here:

Rep. Farr expresses the need as an "emergency relief" to these farmers and states they have "no recourse, no commodities support for them and no insurance". Wow.

Republican Oregon activist, Darryl Howard, is interviewed and tells the story of his mother dying from tainted E Coli spinach and in my opinion is exactly right when he is shocked that these farmers are being rewarded. Three people died and over 200 were sickened from tainted E Coli spinach.

It's clear House Speaker Pelosi, along with Rep. Farr and others are more concerned with pet projects in their back yard, regardless of the promises to "end pork expenditures", upon swearing the new Congress in on Jan. 4 2007. And it is clear they do not want to hold those accountable for killing people.

Hypocrite's with no conscience. Politics as usual. And we shouldn't allow it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

House Speaker Pelosi - Why the E Coli Spinach Farmers Relief?

Roughly $124 Billion is being discussed as the latest number for the Iraq War Bill Legislation, being voted on in the House tomorrow, Friday March 23rd. Aside from a definitive timeline issues and overall spending issues that I will not address - a key piece of pork legislation being added includes $25 million for California spinach farmers to recoup loses due to the E Coli outbreak earlier last year, as reported in the USA Today column here: must be addressed.

For one, we certainly do not need additional expenditures as pork projects, in lieu of our troops and secondly what type of message does this send to the health and safety of our citizens by rewarding the California-based spinach growers who were the source of the E Coli outbreak?

House Speaker Pelosi openly discussed and pressed for useless pork expenditures to be cut from budgets, as the newly elected Democratic Congress took the majority and power back from Republicans. Barbara Boxer and Barbara Feinstein, Senators from California, also have been ardent "anti-pork" supporters upon their Democratic party victory in November's Senatorial elections. Remember - it was the Republican "out of control spending" that led to their "anti pork stance".

But now, it appears California spinach farmers may benefit from sickening people, in the back yard of Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein as a pork expenditure. That's twice the hypocrisy.

Why are they rewarding producers and growers who are responsible for E Coli outbreaks? Is it politics as usual on the backs of the 3 dead and over 200 sickened? In the name of pork and spinach?

It's outrageous and reckless.