Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Man Made Global Hypocrisy - July 7th!!!

Al Gore had joined forces with the entertainment industry to host concerts across the globe for global warming relief. So far, 8 sites have been chosen, representing various continents, including Antarctica.

From AP via Yahoo News: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070410/ap_en_mu/music_live_earth;_ylt=AlfaDWY9shXcOH36Md8oQPPMWM0F

This is a sick joke, right?

I anticipate our darling "non partisan scientists" to create models, on the "footprint" of said July 7th bash.

And as you guessed it - monies will go towards Al Gore's The Alliance for Climate Protection.

Now lets break this down:

The amount of emissions from the tour buses, equipment trucks and energy used to stage this event, including the telecast can sustain a small nation for a few years. While not a scientist - I call this the "common sense" model.

Factor in the huge amount of waste generated from concert goers, in the form of trash, poop, the set up, clean up and removal of these sites. And also factor in how these people travel to the venues - cars, buses, trains, etc. Wow.

Follow the money: Ticket prices have been quoted in the $100 range for the London show alone. Millions are expected to attend. That's a few hundred million in operating costs. Minus fees, artists take, promoters take, organization fees, taxes, etc - I eagerly await the gross profits of this event.

Which of course go right back into Gore's organization.

I encourage any scientist to educate me - and perhaps calculate the net effect of this event. I imagine the paid Gorist's will have glorious claims. They have to.

In line with "footprints", "net emissions", and global devastation - this is the largest man made global warming event I can think of. I guess if man made global warming alarmists wish hard enough, anything can come true...