Monday, January 26, 2009

The Worst 100 Hours

President Obama has set a new low in "leadership".

His rhetoric and tween idol style have given a new meaning to "empty suit"

Instead of making a sound case for a) $1T stimulus package, b) nonpartisan politics and c) non pork legislation - he has done just the opposite: unsound, partisan, pork-laden boondoggle of a so-called recovery.

"I won" is his deep thinking assessment of anyone opposing or gasp! an honest debate at one of the most critical times in our history, concerning $1T in tax payers money. His aside is to attack Rush Limbaugh, legitimize pork spending as a "stimulus" - which is ripe with inane spending and even has the Big 3 of depraved intellect - Biden, Pelosi and Reid carrying the bucket throughout the weekend.

Additionally Obama has selected Cabinet members who have proven their failure of any form of leadership. Geithner doesn't know how to pay his own taxes, blames everything from Turbo Tax (who by the way should level a suit against him - the damage to their brand alone is breathtaking, no less fodder for competitors to say "We won't screw up your taxes like the other guys did to the head of the IRS") to his dismal NY Federal Reserve post as "bad policies, made more mistakes, but who cares." Holder admitted his inability to grasp basic legal knowledge through "aw shucks, I screwed that up a few years ago" and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already pissed off the Colombians by committing to not allowing a Free Trade policy between the USA and them.

Not exactly the "out of the gate" success they have lied about since Day 1 of campaigning.
Reid even had the balls to opine about how "lobbyists are really good family people", a 180 from the 8 years of shrieking about lobbyists from the Dems - ON INAUGURATION DAY!!!

So what are we left with - the dismal failure of a man way over his head, surrounded by partisan hacks who are gambling like a drunk in Las Vegas on his 5th marker of the day.

Anything moving forward will be an Ad Lib of "hope, change, investment, recovery, stimulus, bi partisan" in order to push through bogus and dangerous legislation that according to their own party economists - will not have a net effect until at least Q4 2010.

That's 21 months away.

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